Piano Lessons with a qualified Piano teacher for most ages and levels.

   Currently accepting Student Registrations.



The Heart of Piano Conservatory’s Mission:

 To help students  develop a love of piano music and playing the piano.  



The Conservatory strives to do this by:



  •   Teaching students piano skills that make it easier to play the piano.


  •   Introducing students to music from the following musical periods:

              ·         Baroque

              ·         Classical

              ·         Romantic

              ·         Contemporary, including jazz, rock, pop, etc.



  •   Allowing students to choose their own music as much as possible so that they are working on music that they like.


  •   Providing opportunities for students to share their love of music by performing alone and with other people.



 Keyboard and Heart Logo used with the permission of the creator, Jaron Frost.  

  For further information about the work of Mr. Frost, please contact him at fridgecrisis@gmail.com.